UPVC double glazed doors and windows

UPVC double glazed doors and windows


Sandwich panels
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Sales and installation of double-glazed windows and UPVC

Sales and installation of insulation windows
Some features are:

Beauty, durability and color profiles UPVC
The restoration of doors and windows of old houses
Easy maintenance and compliance with quality indicators

Vienna UPVC door and window profile systems made of single addition to the beauty and elegance of appearance, has numerous advantages as follows, which ultimately caused the building to provide every comfort.

Reducing noise pollution

Reducing energy expenditure for heating and cooling required
No need for painting and frequent service for maintenance

Sealing against the ingress of dust due to the use of rubber caulking and special design
Rainwater penetration resistance due to the use of rubber caulking and embedded tracks and rainwater drainage valves

No color and mode against solar radiation

Durability and high strength

Non-combustible fire

Resistant to decay and rust and oxidation

The installation of the fittings and supply drop

Ability to install loggias

Recyclability and lack of environmental pollution

Easy cleaning

Ease and speed of installation

To replace old windows (metal, wood and aluminum) Vienna UPVC doors and windows single in the shortest time and least damage

Import and sale of polycarbonate corrugated sheets from a thickness of 4 mm to 60 mm (in accordance with the steps sandwich panels for roofs and walls and sinusoidal and trapezoidal sheets)
Buy and run a variety of sandwich panels for roofs, walls, cold storage
Design and manufacture of industrial sites and the implementation of the roof and walls of the silo
Manufacture and sale of a variety of fixed and moving containers in different dimensions (fire, sandwich panels and sheet)