Polycarbonate Sheet

Iranian and foreign sales and installation of polycarbonate sheets


The hardest material which is transparent polycarbonate instead of glass as a suitable option is used in different parts of the building. Polycarbonate resin in 1953 by Daniel Fox doctor in Plastic and General Electric Company in 1958, was released en masse for the first time. Made sheets were produced and marketed in 1968. The sheet colors, shading and light transmittance of 35 to 82% it is possible that in terms of design and color coordination with other materials is of particular span. Polycarbonate flat sheets, made a similar appearance to the dimensions of 05/3 * 05/2 meters are produced. The sheet has an anti-uv layer is to protect against the sun. Anti-uv sheet can also be ordered with either side of the plate in thicknesses of 10, 12, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 mm production addition of colorless (color glass) with all the primary colors (bronze, blue, milky, yellow, red, green) is. The plate is bendable only in half length and width, Vmzyt it is its style. The application of these sheets covering roofs, car parks, ceilings and walls, niches and industries.
Polycarbonate economy
The advantages of polycarbonate instead of glass covering its lower cost, lighter weight Venice. The high resistance of the plastic causes the greenhouse industry has been in demand as a cover. Polycarbonate cover to cover most parts of the front, back or sides and corresponding half circles and the greenhouse will be considered if customer demand. Polycarbonate Sheets substitute for glass and saves energy. As the summer heat entering into the exit barrier and prevent heat loss in winter in.

Transportation Industry
Glass applications
Performance safety glass
Skylight, partition walls, decorative domes, chambers of
Indoor and outdoor stadiums
Cover pool
Greenhouse cover
Roof Coatings passage and Feedback
Skylights covered warehouses
Skylights covered halls

, the passage of light and heat also changes, so that in winter the sun shines perfectly willing, most of the light passing through the upper surface to the interior possible.

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